Smart Led Driver Manufucture(OEM/ODM)

TBWTEK LED Driver Solutions for Horticulture Lighting

Issuing time:2023-02-23 17:56

Tebtek provides led driver input voltages: 100-277Vac and this full range covers most of the power grids in the world.

The efficiency is extremely high up to 95.5%.   The high efficiency results in the high light efficacy of the grow lights thus saves a lot of money for end customers.

Extremely low inrush current.   The standard version of 400 -800W driver has only less than 20A so as to ease the selection of circuit breakers for existing systems.

Great dimming performance.   Dimmed down to 10% smoothly without any flickering.

Full range and choices of output.   Output power ranges from 100Watt to 1500Watt.

Ground cable at the output which makes the usage safer, and it is certified by UL Class P.

High Reliability and long life time up to 100khours.


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