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What of the dimmering function of the led driver?

Issuing time:2022-04-24 09:39

Mainly refers to the control of the light by adjusting the darkness of the light

A 3-in-1 dimming includes 0-10V dimming,PWM dimming,Potentiometer dimming

0-10V dimming: in the power dimming port to give 0-10V voltage 0-10V divided into 10 segments, respectively corresponding to 0-10%-20%-30%-40%-50%-60%-70%-80%-90%-100%

PWM dimming:in the power dimming port to give 10V PWM signal 500-3KHZ (Hertz) mainly adjust duty ratio 0-10%-20%-30%-40%-50%-60%-80%-90%-100%

Potentiometer dimming:a single power supply with 100K potentiometer, 2 power supplies in parallel is 50K potentiometer and so on 100 divided by the power supply and the number of connections.

B.Timing dimming:The customer sets the time requirement before placing the order. In different time periods, the power can transform freely to realize energy saving. For example, the power will turn into half power after 5 hours of work.


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