Smart Led Driver Manufucture(OEM/ODM)


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In practice, there’s no difference at all. These are different names used by the LED industry to describe the same product.Although many people (even electricians!) use the catch-all term ‘LED tran...

Tebtek provides led driver input voltages: 100-277Vac and this full range covers most of the power grids in the world.The efficiency is extremely high up to 95.5%.   The high efficiency results in ...

There are several factors needs to be considered when choosing suitable LED drivers for horticulture lighting Choose the right power for the light fixtures.Choose the right input voltage for light ...

Generators can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and dry batteries can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Generators and batteries themselves are not charged, their pol...

Mainly refers to the control of the light by adjusting the darkness of the light A 3-in-1 dimming includes 0-10V dimming,PWM dimming,Potentiometer dimming 0-10V dimming: in the power dimming port t...

The protection (IP) level of the LED Driver is represented by IPxy, x represents dustproof, which is a number 1-6; y represents a waterproof level, which is a number 1-8.

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